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Deadline extended

I’m extending the deadline another month as I received a few requests from late, but good willing folks =)
If you haven’t, you can still contribute to this project!

Thanks for your support!

15 days left

Dear friends,
We’re a mere couple of weeks away from the funding deadline!

Although you can still participate till the book goes to print, it would be great if you can do it so within the funding deadline.

Thanks again for all your help!

$1000 USD loaned!

Just 18 days after the creation of the Kiva team, we have reached the $1000 USD loan mark!

That’s 40 loans made with the pledged money, now reaching almost three times more than my initial goal, and the signup bonuses collected this week!

I am amazed! =)

Report #3

On Wednesday, January 23rd 2013, there were 2 new pledges with a total of 85 EUR divided among the following pledge categories:

  • 60 EUR: 1 people
  • 25 EUR: 1 people

As the 60 EUR pledges fund 3 loans, these pledges have funded 4 loans.
This week I’ve promoted invitations and collected 200 USD in signup bonuses that were used to fund 8 loans. This brings the total of this third round of loans to 12, done just now.

The official count is now 40 loans made so far and 1000 USD loaned =)

Backers should be receiving an email shortly. Everyone else can see these loans on the team page!

Thanks again everyone for your help and contribution!!
Considering the team was created a little over 2 weeks ago, I’m really proud of what we have done so far!


Good job everyone!

With your help, I’ve collected $200 USD in signup bonuses! That’s another 8 people getting a loan!

Thanks to everyone who signed up for and/or help spread the message! =)