Report #2

On Monday, January 14th 2013, there were 9 new pledges with a total of 345 EUR divided among the following pledge categories:

  • 60 EUR: 1 people
  • 40 EUR: 4 people
  • 25 EUR: 3 people
  • other amounts (50 EUR): 1

As the 40 and 60 EUR pledges fund 2 and 3 loans, respectively, there are 8 pledges that have funded 14 loans. The 50 EUR pledge funded 2 loans and the remainder was used to minimize Paypal’s fees (24,32 EUR till now). This brings the total of this second round of loans to 16, done just now.

In case you are not keeping track, we have made 28 loans so far! =)

Backers should be receiving an email shortly. Everyone else can see these loans on the team page!

Thanks again everyone for your help and contribution!!