Report #3

On Wednesday, January 23rd 2013, there were 2 new pledges with a total of 85 EUR divided among the following pledge categories:

  • 60 EUR: 1 people
  • 25 EUR: 1 people

As the 60 EUR pledges fund 3 loans, these pledges have funded 4 loans.
This week I’ve promoted invitations and collected 200 USD in signup bonuses that were used to fund 8 loans. This brings the total of this third round of loans to 12, done just now.

The official count is now 40 loans made so far and 1000 USD loaned =)

Backers should be receiving an email shortly. Everyone else can see these loans on the team page!

Thanks again everyone for your help and contribution!!
Considering the team was created a little over 2 weeks ago, I’m really proud of what we have done so far!